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Professional Turnkey Site Development,

Project Management, Wireless Upgrades, Maintenance Repair

LG Tech specializes in turnkey wireless network site development projects. This includes a range of services, including beginning-to-end wireless site installation, antenna, and line installation, general contracting, maintenance, and repairs. 

As an expert wireless network site developer, we understand the depth of experience and versatility that clients expect from us. That’s why we put great effort into meeting high-demand development projects that are ready to launch upon completion. Our staff contributes an efficient, high-quality, and professional perspective that leads to success every time. 

Services We Offer:

  • Site acquisition, blueprinting, and permitting

  • Turnkey wireless network site development

  • General contracting services

  • UAV Drone Inspections

  • Site decommissioning

Wireless Network Installation Services


Our turnkey wireless network site development projects do not end with our construction services. LG Tech's highly trained technicians possess a wide range of skill sets to ensure our projects meet all client requirements from beginning to end.


This includes our wireless network installation services below:


  • DAS system installation and Maintenance

  • Antenna and line installation, H-Flex, and RRH 

  • Construction of small cell sites

  • Electrical services

  • HVAC systems


These services also include any desired or required testing, modifications, troubleshooting, maintenance and repair, and upgrades to keep wireless networks at optimum efficiency. 

Trust in LG Tech for All Your Network Site Development and Project Management Needs!


To learn more about LG Tech’s qualifications, training, and licensing, go to our Training & Licensing page. 


If you’re ready to connect with the professionals, contact LG Tech today using the form on our Contact Page or call (305) 396-4767

Leave Network Emergencies to LG Tech’s
Rapid Response Team!







Your business depends on your network is functional 24/7. When a site goes offline, faces environmental damage, or has an outage, you need to swiftly and efficiently repair the damage or fix the network issues.


That’s why, at LG Tech, we keep a Rapid Response Team on standby 24/7 for all your emergency repair service needs. Our team is capable of responding to any crisis at a moment’s notice. It doesn’t matter the cause or issue. We will bring all wireless telecommunications equipment back online as soon as possible so that the network effects on your customers are minimal.


As a turnkey wireless network site development, company, we value all aspects of the project from beginning to end and thereafter. Our Rapid Response Team is just another layer of security we add to ensure project success every time!

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