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Employee Safety Training Is Our Top Priority!

At LG Tech, we hold our employees in the highest regard for delivering projects in a safe and professional manner. To uphold this core principle, we require that all employees and subcontractors complete the following safety courses and certifications.

Certifications / Safety Courses:

  • OSHA 10/30

  • First Aid / CPR / BBP / AED

  • Ladder Safety

  • RF Awareness

Additional Training
for Descent Operations:

  • Fall Protection (through Comtrain)

  • Competent/Special/Master Rigger

  • Industrial Rope Access (SPRAT)

Professional Safety Training for Job Foremen & Operators


Dangerous situations in wireless construction and project management duties are a real consequence of poor personnel training. That’s why LG Tech expects special-class personnel to uphold the highest level of competency in safety and equipment operation. 


Employees signed on to a project as a Job Foreman must complete an additional 30-hour training course from OSHA. 


Equipment operators such as capstan and aerial lift operators must have completed satisfactory certification for that specified equipment. 

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